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Have been doing a little tweaking (what’s new…) with the format of the blog and was wondering how you, as our faithful navigators, felt about the changes. The row of image icon widgets under the header leading to those topics used to be buried in the sidebar. Does the site now take longer to load for you? Do you like the icons there? Does it make a difference to anyone but Across the Bored? Write a note in the comments box – if there are any other stylistic or technical issues that you’ve encountered when cruising our content, let us know but please do it gently as we are feeling a wee bit overwrought with the holiday season quickly approaching….

29 thoughts on “Answer me this

  1. Allan G. Smorra says:

    I like the new look and it loads faster for me. I use this same theme and like the widgets under the title menu. How did you do that? Did you also enable “Sticky posts” to display only the most recent post?


    • ideflex says:

      Glad it loads faster – I have spent the last week with fantastic support staff at WP getting those little icons under the header (they did all the work so I wouldn’t bugger it!- I can email you the details) I haven’t enabled “Sticky Posts” yet but I think I will look into it – I have been looking at other blogs where there is one big main post and then a whole pile of “partial” posts underneath and it is tempting but I am not sure whether I want to suffer the cropping to my pix that entails – I will try it out over the next few days. Have a look also at the new categories page – I took that widget out of the side bar and gave it a page all its own – next stop doing a monthly archives page to get the widget off also. How is the recovery going?


  2. Nicole says:

    I am embarrassed to admit I didn’t even notice the change until you pointed it out here. Part of the reason may be that to casually visit blogs, I’ve been using my tablet. But lately the WordPress app has been wonky, forcing me to fire up my laptop to do anything on WordPress these days.

    Anyhow, the blog site looks great. :)


    • ideflex says:

      That’s actually part of why I posted… To find out how many people use mobile/tablets where these changes don’t make much of a difference! That’s ok and good to know – I also read on the run, tending to grab my phone first but when I have LOTS to catch up on only the big screen is useful because the app readers Have a tendency to “leave out” a lot of posts from blogs I follow – just another glitch….


      • Nicole says:

        No kidding – the big screen is definitely the way to go when catching up. I have the WP app for both Android and Apple, and I find it hard to easily navigate to blog posts from the Reader tab. It is especially difficult to “Like” posts on either app.


  3. Caddo says:

    It was a bit slow loading for me last night–but I assumed it was due to Flying Monkeys; seems okay now. I don’t always notice blog changes….very focused on reading the post, trying to make a salient, or at least intelligible comment, and moving on with my day. God bless you BIG–deep breaths as we Do December–love, Caddo


  4. Bastet says:

    Like the site layout…it has a certain essentialness about it…really clean look. The cats above, archives etc. look swell…I’m curious about the icons below. It dosen’t seem to have taken any longer to load.


  5. Dina says:

    How clever, I’m impressed! I have never seen anything like this, congratulations, it looks really good. It’s an eye-catcher! Have a great new week.
    Love, Dina


    • ideflex says:

      Thanks – just working out some little technical bits as well! My next question would be on what kind of device most people read WP blogs and when it is off mobile, through the reader app or as a full site off their browser?


      • Dina says:

        Oh, I can only answer for myself of course. I prefer my MacBook to the iPad, when reading and working with my own and other bogs. I prefer the full site.
        Enjoy your evening!
        Love, DIna


        • ideflex says:

          Thank you so much for your input – I too prefer viewing on the full sites – it seems as though I am missing something when I look at posts on the reader apps, not to mention ruining my eyesight!


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