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walk softly and carry a large…

Have been doing a little tweaking (what’s new…) with the format of the blog and was wondering how you, as our faithful navigators, felt about the changes. The row of image icon widgets under the header leading to those topics used to be buried in the sidebar. Does the site now take longer to load for you? Do you like the icons there? Does it make a difference to anyone but Across the Bored? Write a note in the comments box – if there are any other stylistic or technical issues that you’ve encountered when cruising our content, let us know but please do it gently as we are feeling a wee bit overwrought with the holiday season quickly approaching….

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things that make you Happy

bored board

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 It’s all relative, isn’t it?  One might surmise that the things that make us happy are pretty much the same all around – family, pets that think we are the centre of the universe and pets that know they are the centre of the universe, nature in all its glory, a tasty treat, good book or place to put up our feet, simple things all… but when it comes to down to “a few minutes out for (ourselves) and … a place of happiness”, as Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things that make you Happy would have it, right now and usually once a day, this is it.

The blog – in this universe it is one of a few things that we have almost complete control of, it is what makes the gears turn and gets us to be creative – and therefore happy…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Yes, we did get snow!

This week has been both chaotic and calm, a series of days where lots gets done but nothing seems achieved – could be worse.  American Thanksgiving has reminded us to be both grateful and content, but in truth this is something that should be a part of our daily lives. The Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful would have us reflect on “good things in (our) life” – from where we sit those are almost too many in number, a laundry list of how lucky we are to be in this place in this time.  We should add to that canon all the experiences, all the elements that have come together in our particular sphere of influence to make us who we are – no matter what type of adjective we use to describe their condition.

So on that note, if there was only one thing to be thankful for at this precise minute in time, it would be you – the 100 plus followers and many readers of Across the Bored – you who read and laugh, comment and disagree, present a new perspective and point us in directions we may not have ventured otherwise.  Thank you.

Who knew?

Across the Bored received a nice surprise this morning with the notification that we have over 50 followers! Now while that may not be much in terms of numbers in the blogosphere, it is significant in that it means that we are developing a nice community of like-minded souls.

So a big thank you to all the followers and readers for making this whole adventure worthwhile – help us celebrate, go out and nibble on something special!