Gimme Shelter

Hope the roof on this baby wasn’t built by the same contractor who installed the one on the Olympic Stadium :laughing:
I really wish local government would get with the program and accept that not all tourists to our fair city are francophone: Such a great PS installation should at least be bilingual and then everyone could go home and say they saw the world’s largest :poop: and not wonder what that was all about.

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Dirty – Week 2

dirty2 we all know who has been sitting in this chair…
not very inspiring

Once upon a time, when we were just two, things didn’t seem to get quite as filthy as they do now. Perhaps that is to be expected as we had much less stuff. Our wasted days were spent at work and misspent nights partying long and hard: cleaning consisted of emptying overflowing ashtrays and tossing a liquor store’s worth of drained bottles in the bin. A quick pass with the vacuum and a pillow fluff here and there and things were restored ship-shape. Rinse and repeat.

Then we were three: early to bed, early to rise non-smoking section, what exactly is that stain types where Richard Scarry replaced the Sunday New York Times. One fine day we were four: inured to the litany of laundry and Lego underfoot, a small whirlwind proved that chaos theory comes in the form of misplaced Barbie accessories and frilly barrettes.

Now that we are sometimes five and a half, the logistics of domestic maintenance requires the steely nerve of a drill sergeant and a complete corps of army engineers to effect any reasonable change. Sadly, yours truly is in command of neither but we have out of sheer stubbornness, learned how to say no so that others may learn how. 

The half in the complex equation above must be credited with a very large paw in creating a flotsam and jetsam of fur, twigs, and sticky bits that floats then clings to almost everything. We try and keep a clear line of sight above knee-level, for below there be monsters.

We cannot remember what a tidy house looks like. No matter how much we ask “What if the Queen comes to visit, what would she think?” – our pleas fall on deaf ears. Apparently no one irons anymore, nor do they dust. We suspect that they just move. “What does dirty look like to you?” – mud or mould, dingy or dim, greasy, creasy or caked on, rated X, fair or foul – We would love to see your vision…

For all those who are new readers to Across the Bored, some great entries and the guidelines for this fortnight’s challenge can be found here. Need more info or want to browse past themes? Have a look at HOW DOES THIS WORK.

Answer me this


walk softly and carry a large…

Have been doing a little tweaking (what’s new…) with the format of the blog and was wondering how you, as our faithful navigators, felt about the changes. The row of image icon widgets under the header leading to those topics used to be buried in the sidebar. Does the site now take longer to load for you? Do you like the icons there? Does it make a difference to anyone but Across the Bored? Write a note in the comments box – if there are any other stylistic or technical issues that you’ve encountered when cruising our content, let us know but please do it gently as we are feeling a wee bit overwrought with the holiday season quickly approaching….

Get Random


Not one to let things get too predictable, we finally got around to installing the “Random Post Generator” in the sidebar yesterday. Give it a click to see what it pulls out of Across the Bored’s archives – it just might be what you didn’t know you were looking for!

Thanks go out to Rarasaur for her post reminding us just how much fun this nifty widget can be.