Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Intent


Resistance is futile

A post on a social media network that I follow prompted much thought surrounding the theme of change: in the photo in question, “You’ve changed” is written out in large letters on the side of what looks like someone’s house – it almost begs for an answer. Is it an act of revenge, a statement of fact, an accusation, a bemoaning on the parting of ways and interests or just a boldly positive declaration? Makes us curious… but also brings us back to what seems to be the crux of a constant issue in our house, in our interactions with friends, family and the way we work at our art and livelihood.

Lots of people want change, seek it, try and effect it, avoid it, say they’ll make it or ignore it but it boils down even further to another recurring theme that was a topic of breakfast discussion, that of Intent. There is a huge difference in having the best (or worst) of Intentions in a wishful thinking, passively classical sense and that of the Intent of scientific definition that is active in achieving its goal. Which side of the fence you dance on can radically alter the course of future events.

Our Barbet has it all figured out. This morning his Intention was to wrangle away the bacon, it had been ever since he swallowed the last bite of his own identical-to-ours breakfast. It was a good idea that could potentially get the gears moving. At that point one of two things could have happened: he could have a drink of water and – SQUIRREL – get distracted by something else, diverting his Intention or he could act, the strength of his Intent driving him to our chair and stimulating phase one of puppy-face. Intent motivated his brain to pursue until he gained satisfaction; phase two was enacted, he stood up on his back legs with head cocked to one side, engaged in direct eye contact, a little ESP for added effect and an offered paw. We gave in, he was victorious in his Intent by getting the bacon and, this time, we both wound up happy.

Too bad people aren’t more like some of our canine companions. It’s not actually that hard and one can start with the tiniest of things and like much else in life the more one does, the easier it gets. Let’s have less promise of change, less hope that Intentions will lazily guide us to something definitive. Be effective in your Intent, dynamic in your desire, be more dog.

And just because it’s good for a laugh and has many of the same themes, have a look at this video

“What is your intent?” – take that photo, sing that song, curl up in a chair and read the day long, give a hug, a peck on the cheek, run a mile or walk all week – We would love to see your vision…

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Answer me this


walk softly and carry a large…

Have been doing a little tweaking (what’s new…) with the format of the blog and was wondering how you, as our faithful navigators, felt about the changes. The row of image icon widgets under the header leading to those topics used to be buried in the sidebar. Does the site now take longer to load for you? Do you like the icons there? Does it make a difference to anyone but Across the Bored? Write a note in the comments box – if there are any other stylistic or technical issues that you’ve encountered when cruising our content, let us know but please do it gently as we are feeling a wee bit overwrought with the holiday season quickly approaching….

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Harvest – Week 2


here and there

Summer is gone. The air has changed bringing that tinge of frost to darker mornings and earlier nights. In the city, we judge how far into the season we are by the bend of wilted perennials and the gradations of leafy colour quickening along the avenues.  Nature seems to keep pace with the rhythm of the urban environment, never stopping to take a breath or ease into the season but leaping headlong in some frenetic rush to finish autumn before the snows come. The romantic in us longs to be out in the country, tromping about in big boots and woolly scarves, kicking around the edge of new-mown fields or just sitting on a fence taking in the glory of it all but we must content ourselves with more virtual views for the moment.

October reminds us it is time to make sure we are set for the duration, to check that all the plans we laid in spring, all the projects dreamed about on sunny afternoons and languid August nights, are in place and ready to be realized. It is as much about reflecting on what has been accomplished as it is to looking forward in hope, setting larger goals and taking the first steps towards the new. Like this fortnight’s Two Cents Tuesday Challenge theme – Harvest – we reap what we have sown.

Last week, Across the Bored asked – “How do you see harvest at this time of year?” – Pumpkins sweet and squash to eat, family near,the holiday blear, pilgrims and the past or things that don’t last, falling leaves or the hopes we retrieve … We would love to see your vision.

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Aaarrrggh – again?

lucy steal linus blanketFor the past few days Across the Bored has been coping with some technical difficulties stemming from an upgrade to Mountain Lion that incapacitated our various computers simultaneous internet access. Leaving us more than a little aggravated with technology that hasn’t had all the bugs completely worked out and being from the school of turn it on and it works perfectly every time, you can imagine our frame of mind when we logged in this morning and figured out what the New Year’s resolution in the R&D department of virtual reality was – change everything that was working fine to something completely different that will aggravate everyone already having to deal with getting back to a normal routine…  Anyone else out there a little, to be politically-correct, perturbed by the recent changes in the reader?  Now I’m not one to stand in the way of innovation but there is a difference between needless tweaking and substantial improvements – new posts on the right, no – move all the images to the left and crop them into partial crap, blog names and post titles on top of the images, no – that’s no good – put them below where we really have to search for them; put the LIKE in bold , no – smaller font – no bigger, bolder font – no make it into a star… and why are the tags in a position of prominence BEFORE the title of the post and why can you not get directly to the page where the blog is anymore without having to navigate all over the place? With all those lovely new icons on the upper right in the toolbar, why can’t one of them lead directly to the dashboard… Isn’t anyone aware of the 3 clicks and you’re dead rule?

snoopy stealing linus blanket


Someone in a dark back room has a whole lot of time on their hands, so like the inimitable Charlie Brown said…

i give up

This was Thursday: 1964

You still got me

In the Leap Year that was 1964, the Mods and Rockers were duking it out  in the streets, race riots erupted, students staged (the first of many) sit-ins at the University of California and Cassius Clay won the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship. On one side of the world, Sidney Poitier was the first African-American to win an Academy Award while on the other, Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment. Much to everyone’s dismay, the war dragged on in Vietnam.

Beatlemania continued its sweep of North America but the bad boy stance and rougher sound of UK bands like The Kinks, the Zombies and the Rolling Stones reached out hungrily for their own idolizing demographic. They still towed the line for their public performances by appearing in matching suits but their hair was a little longer and less coiffed, their gyrations less restrained and so the desperate cries from female audiences became just a little lustier.

The music produced in this year has provided a blueprint for successive generations but the arts and media were not far behind with innovation of their own. Pop Art was graphic dynamite for many at the New York World’s Fair, its embrace of commercial techniques and mechanization proved appealing to those who didn’t live in fear of the bomb, the birth of computers and rapidly encroaching technology. It was a wake-up call to the establishment – not only the old and entrenched had a voice in popular opinion – the reins of censorship and oppression were being grabbed by the younger generation and thrown to the side. All anyone wanted to do was get their fingers into the mane of freedom and ride bareback into the sunrise.


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This was Thursday: 1960

1960 can be seen as pivotal in terms of art, culture and music – here we find the roots of the counterculture, the civil rights, free speech and anti-war movements, feminism, environmentalism and gay liberation.  In a world of barely over 3 billion, people started to realize that they didn’t have to tow the party line – there was plenty of room for freedom and self-expression.  Duane Eddy seemed to be riding high on that tide of change and gave a big, rough kiss goodbye to the 50s with this remake of Peter Gunn.

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