Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Painting – Week 2

painting 2

way smaller – better or worse or just the same?

When pondering on just what we will post about for these bi-weekly challenges, we usually start with an image. The one above had a very different bit of content slated to accompany it until we opened the reader this morning: many of you will already have had a peek at our reblog of Aperture 64’s eye-opening reveal of just where our images wind up and it finally gave us the impetus to take a final sad step with our precious pictures.

Being a high-resolution junkie doesn’t seem to be a good thing when it comes to getting your own work out there – bigger, in this case, is not better and has become one of those pleasures to be indulged in on the privacy of your own screen or to be shared with a select few. We had already started to diminish the size of our images in an effort to speed up the loading time of the site for our far-away friends but such a reduction also carries with it the bonus of making them less appealing to those who would like to borrow or appropriate them without going through the proper channels – guess some out there have not read the “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT” in the sidebar. Either that or they just don’t care and think we won’t find out.

Out of curiosity, do these smaller images make any difference for your viewing pleasure? Please drop us a line in the comment box to let us know, complain about copyright infringement or rant about your own stolen pix.

In other times it might have been simpler just to paint a picture, but then we wouldn’t have as many friends that we want to share it with… This fortnight’s Two Cents Tuesday Challenge theme – Painting – has led us in all sorts of directions, “What does painting represent for you?” – Graffiti on a wall, framed flowers in the hall, a masterpiece old or abstract bold, the sides of a house, finish on a car, commercial or couture … We would love to see your vision.

For all those who are new readers to Across the Bored, some great entries and the guidelines for this fortnight’s challenge can be found here. Need more info or want to browse past themes? Have a look at HOW DOES THIS WORK.

13 thoughts on “Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Painting – Week 2

  1. benrowef64 says:

    With wordpress I have found that 800px on the longest size is a good image size with a standard 72ppi resolution for screen viewing. This also makes it a small enough size for those using mobile devices or those in poor internet regions to view the image. It also means that if someone wants to print your image it would be about the size of a 6×4 print which no one would want to put on their wall and would be poor quality if upscaled.

    On the flipside adding as much meta data and copyright info to the image as possible, is a way to keep high res images out there and may get people thinking twice before taking them, yet thieves will be thieves.


    • ideflex says:

      Thanks for the info – I have been putting metadata in for a while – I just wish there was some global app to apply it to as many items at once as possible… I still cannot figure out why big corps like Apple have not designed a setting that you could pre-fill in before starting to use your iPhone, especially with the amount of uploading to the internet from such mobile devices… I know that with certain makes of camera you can ascribe a lot of the metadata before you start shooting to take a bit of the workload off, so that’s a start!


      • benrowef64 says:

        A lot of social media sites strip metadata from images to make them smaller in size and faster to upload. It could be the same with apple.

        Since I have been using lightroom adding metadata has been a breeze and I love it. Also I have noticed on photoshop when you open a copyrighted image, the logo appears in the tab with the filename.


        • ideflex says:

          Nasty social media… I might just switch to Lightroom as well for Aperture doesn’t have a decent “find duplicates” function but that is a whole other kettle of fish… As far as photoshop goes, you’ve got me intrigued now!


          • benrowef64 says:

            With photoshop it is just a logo, so all those people who steal images and then edit them can’t say they didn’t know, if they edited the file in the latest version of photoshop.

            Lightroom is great, it is worth reading Martin Evening’s book on it as well because there is so much in the program for file management which was what i really needed.


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