Being Infringed

Read this carefully – try one of your own (most popular is always a start) image urls – and see what happens. The results may be surprising and disheartening or you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. Let us both know the outcome…


Last year I wrote a few posts about copyright infringement. In most of the posts it was about legal action being taken by someone over the use of their image being used in a slightly high profile manner. There has continued to be articles about copyright infringement because it isn’t going away. More shocking has been the amount of photographers stealing images and then using them as their own. A Tumblr blog has been set up called photo stealers, where the blogger outs and shames “photographers” that steal images and say that they are their own creation.

Last night I was reading “Photo Stealers” and I wondered,
“No one would steal my images.”
Why not, I do have some talent (I believe). So I began a reverse image search on google.

Google Reverse Image Search

What is a reverse image search? This is a way you can actually search for…

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