ZZZ – Challenge

zzz zebra

Of the Zillions of Zygotes
that could possibly Zing
Zany unions are wild
 Zoologists sing
Zapped to their Zenith
In a Zone not so Zen
ZigZag mitosis
Zooms along then
Zambian dream
every horse fantasy
a Ziegfield Zebra
just wondrous to see


Zip on over to the entries in Frizztext’s ZZZ – Challenge.

20 thoughts on “ZZZ – Challenge

  1. frizztext says:

    I’ll make a quotation of your Z-creativity (it’s already scheduled for July 1st) and that will be the end / final of the current A to Z challenge [no more follow ups then] – the end of some surprising series – your poems always made me breathless!
    your frizztext!


    • ideflex says:

      I am ever grateful for your inspiring me to take the poetic leap back into the fray. I’ll be posting the fill- ins in their regular time slot so you will still have something besides chasing your adorable grand kids to leave you breathless!


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