Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Abandoned Buildings or Barns

abandoned buildings

it broke my heart
when you tore down the past
choosing instead to fence me in
stonewall the truth
shut out the sun
with rusty corrugation
and you wonder why
i shake the bars
and scream
when you ask me to sing
to blue skies

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal or the Season of Autumn

autumn metal

Like an old friend
you sit and wait
just outside the door
keeper of memories
late nights
fast drives
reckless inhibition
of youth misspent
now polished
til gleaming

Reflect upon the entries in
Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal or the Season of Autumn.


D words

d words door

D is for Door
within or without
Diminished by time
Darkened by Doubt
rattled, avoided
closed or awoken
the last sound heard
like a soft word spoken
Decrepit, Delightful
Distant or near
Divulged and Defended
passed through

Distill the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: D words.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

zig zag

suspicions were
that lost mail
floated away
to some dun-coloured bin
in the far recesses
of an alternate universe
post office
now we know
it zigzags
to the alleys
to become bright
for marauders
of all kinds

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C words

c words crepe

C is for Crêpes
Co-opted by Cheese
Coated with pesto
and walnuts to please
a Crisp little Cameo
of greens on the side
delectable vegetables
Cannot be denied
Cabernet Sauvignon
perhaps Chardonnay
strong Coffee to follow
for today

Chow down on the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: C words.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fire or Season of Summer

summer fire

it must have seemed a good idea at the time:
keep the jollity flowing well into the new year
until crisp as tinder
where but a breath
sends needles spiralling to the floor
like lost good will
fanning the flames of disaster
the task at hand is well nigh
forsooth, ’tis christmas in july


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fire or Season of Summer.

B words

b words berries

B is for Berries
Beautiful treat
gorgeous to ogle
luscious to eat
Blackberry, Blueberry
raspberry red
Blended with mangoes
key lime for a Bed
Bring Bounteous seconds
so Baker may Boast
Blissful sweet tart
Beguiles us
the most

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A words

tagged a anarchy

A is for Anarchy
soft and sweet
slipping into your dreams
on gold slippered feet
wrapped in pink satin
with bows in her hair
Any logic Abducted
in a liquid brown stare
gun-toting Angel
Anonymous heart
Abandon All hope of love
for Art

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tagged “Z”


and swoosh
simple as a Zipper
in a 60s Zany way
precursor to the Zillion
slick superstars today

Get into the Zone with the Super 6 theme song then
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tagged “Y”

tagged y youth

Y is for Yes
all that Youth brings
the sweet smell of Yielding
on feather-soft wings
Yowl and Yearn
Yellow irises sway
from Years sleep woken
by Yawning day

Yell about the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: tagged “Y”.

tagged “X”


X marks the spot
where once
treasure enough
for the generations
lay safe
like small Xenops
very life eXhales
cold stake
driven blindly
through heart

eXamine the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: tagged “X”.

tagged “W”

tagged w wee

Wee lion
Would you Were
always at my side
small White mop
that Waits
tail Wagging
by the door
When I Wake
you Want
to Walk
in Wild Wide meadows
you Waive
all Willfulness
Wash away Wrath
and Weave Wishes
into my Wavering

Wander through the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: tagged “W”.

tagged “V”

tagged v victim

V is for Victim
dumped by the door
hung in a hallway
slumped on the floor
rolled in a carpet
in some Vacant lot
propped in the Vestibule
plopped in a plot
squeezed into a Vessel
fit with concrete shoes
tied to a trestle
Vibrating the blues
Viscount or Vicar
Vandal, Valet
the Vulnerable dance
in Villain ballet

Visualize the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: tagged “V”.

tagged “U”

tagged u undulate

U is for Undulate
a curve or a curl
a line of light
a wave or a whirl
motion Unlocked
in fragile glass

Unveil the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: tagged “U”.

tagged “T”

T is for Traces
left by the door
Tried, True or Tainted
what came before
Tinted by Trial
Tired by Time
Tampered and Tangled
Tagged like a crime

Take a look at the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: tagged “T“.

tagged “S”

tagged s swine

S is for Swine
Sweet and Sublime
Sallow or callow
the four-legged kind
Sneaking away
Staring intently
they Snortingly Say
Sit for a while
and Soar
with pig wings
Sow Subjects Socratic
Sing of porcine things
Stop being
Soothe us instead
with Sonnets
and a pat on the head

Saunter over to the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: tagged “S“.

tagged “Q” & “R”

q and r

Queendom is Resigned
once again
to a Quack court filled
with Quick Reproaches
and Queer Reprisals
Random Queries
with Rambling Quarrel
prod Quiet Resilience
in Quixotic Rapprochement
only seeks to Quell
the Rabid Retrenchment
the scorched Regression
that Reigns a fevered Raptor
in the Queue
it is a Ragpicker’s Quest
that hungers for Resurrection
a Quantum leap of faith
to Quicken the heart
held Ransom in the Quagmire
before it ends
in Queasy Revolution

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tagged “P”

tagged p pop art

like the horoscope says
it is time to Pause
on the edge of the Precipice
and Ponder only
where Predisposition
Pushes us
Put all Platitudes aside
cease Placating
those who will not be Pleased
like the Proverbial Pachyderm
Parked in the room
be the Paramedic
Poring over the Patient
Pop art and Poetry
from the Postscript
our Penance

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tagged “O”

tagged o orbit

O is for Orbit
the Order of things
square, triangles, circles
Ovals and rings
Off and On
Out and Out
Cosmic Opera
Omnipotence sings

  Give the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: tagged “O” the Once Over.

tagged “N”

tagged n night

N is for Night
dark Nadir of day
where Naked Naifs
fawn upon
Nail-biting Nihilists
Noxious Name-droppers
court Nimble Ninjas
while Narcissists
dance Narcotic
No rest
for Naughty Narcoleptics
the Nauseous
and the Nonconformist
the Noble Navel-gazing
mix Nonsensical
Nitty gritty Narrative
throw words like Nasturtiums
at Nomads Nodding
off in corners
Noggins askance
is Nefarious Nature’s
Nearsighted embrace
a Necessary Neighbour
Nonplussed Negotiatrix
No matter

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tagged “L”

tagged l love

L is for Love
Lessons we’ve Learned
Lithe as a Lily
taken or spurned
Laboured over
serious or silly
Longed for or dreaded
chased willy nilly
Love is our master
Love is a slave
Love is a sweet maid
Love is a knave

Let yourself be Lured into the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: tagged “L”.

tagged “K”

tagged k

Krispin crossed the Kalahari
searching for a drink
a dream of gin and ginger
was all that he could think
up and down the dunes he roamed
luscious lips were left behind
one last Kiss was not enough
nor embrace the fleeting Kind
 here he was King of nothing
hot Kepi on his head
memories of moonbeams sweet
were better left for dead
like sandy grains in worn out boots
blistering hours did multiply
nights cold as Kiev he huddled
under the star-strewn sky
no chance for a small cuppa
indeed where was the Kettle
mistress Karma’s cruel joke
fine way to test his mettle
for silk Kimono and Kaftan cool
he longed to drop his Khakis
a dusty heap next to the door
picked up by well-loved lackeys
clear visions of a nice Kabob
set on a proper plate
Kaffir limes and Kiwis cold
his palate could not wait
miserable fortune set in motion
by a nasty camel’s Kick
this unexpected walkabout
was nothing but
a desert trick


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tagged “J”

tagged j jar

Jack and Jill,
are hipsters still
drink mason Jars of water
Jack Jives by night
his band’s delight
Jill dreams of being a potter

Jack’s day Job sucks
roundabout he mucks
writing Jingles down on paper
Jumbled days slide by
with lone Jailbird sigh
yet still he is a Japer

Jill dreads the morn
John Barleycorn
Jack’s friends are Just so Jerky
in skinny Jeans faded
vintage closet raided
they ate all her tofurky

Jack pops Jam cakes
Jill lovingly bakes
vegan to keep her figure
an idea Jolts bright
Joyful time is right
the market even bigger

Jack and Jill
quite fit the bill
Jolly in a big Joint venture
now Judge and Jury
in capitalist fury
they’ve secured a
fair-trade debenture

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tagged “I”

tagged i ice

I is for Ice
all manner of Ick
frozen or slushy
bone dry or wet slick
one cannot Imagine
Invoke or Ignore
the Invective of winter
hurled cruelly once more
Injurious Insult
a slap on the cheek
Ill-mannered issue
Impossibly bleak
Frostbitten fingers
crystal breaths pierce
Insufferable season


Interpret the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: tagged “I”.

tagged “H”

tagged h horse

H is for Horse
Hammering Hooves
Over Hillside
a Hair-raising Harbinger
the Hint of Hordes
that Hijack all Hope
with Head and Hands
in Hard-won Habit
black thunderous Herds
send Hoarfrost Hailstorm
of arrows Hissing
through Honour
and Hoist
Hostile banners
in Hungry conquest
where the Hunt
becomes Hymn


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tagged “G”

tagged g giant

G is for Giant
Geodesic a dome
appeared in deep dreams
far far away home
Galactic meandering
Great Gilded Ghost
of future past
where Genius host
Gadget Gigabyte
Grocery list Guess
Gentian hued Grappling
that all lead to yes
Grand Gridded thought
Graze moon of night
robotic Genesis
mortal Gyrations flight


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