19 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie 38

  1. It really is a gift–and it can be tiring if we don’t know our limits, and enforce the boundaries that go with them. Among the many new calendars I got this year, I discovered this is the Year of the Horse–surely that must include the character of strength?


  2. LOL! Sure, why not! Just keep people happy for only 2 weeks out of the year. Sorry to burst your bubble on that one, but I think your blog keeps people happy year round.


    • I seem to get much more feedback from my readers and followers so that part of it all works out in the end by being motivating – I think one of my resolutions is it to be less nice, less accommodating to those people in my physical circles who don’t seem to be giving a whole lot back…


      • Yeah, I know what you mean. I started down that path last year. I actually does feel good to either ignore or start saying no to those who don’t reciprocate your kindness.


        • I actually heard my son repeating an idea I had put forward recently so I guess I am doing something right: “if you don’t call people out on their shit they don’t learn and just repeat the same thing on someone else only worse…”


          • That could work. Then there are those that will deny the things that you call them out on and well, keep doing the same shit anyways. But sometimes it’s worth a shot. At least then you can say you made an effort and move on from there. Only the best and forget the rest! That should be the motto for 2014.


    • You should! I think a lot of women have spent too much of their lives catering to others and leaving themselves for last.. why shouldn’t we have the best piece of steak on the platter or the biggest chocolate eclair on the tray, after all we are the ones who wind up taking care of everyone else: we need to be fortified to make others (and ourselves) “happy”!


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