8 thoughts on “So much for Sunday

    • ideflex says:

      I’m sure that even in Aurelius’ time there was some editing of how events were presented to the masses, perhaps even more so, for theirs was a society that knew the value of appearances and how best to use them to their advantage. It is interesting how this quote has truly stood the test of time, no matter how one interprets it, and can be applied to a whole range of experience from the most spiritual and intellectual to the most mundane…


      • ideflex says:

        That’s an interesting take on Aurelius” quote and it is fascinating that so many disagree with it especially in these times of mass media propaganda and manipulation… I took from it what may have been a narrow point of view: that “everything we hear” is, in fact, third party news, unless of course it is a singular experience without the interference of some mediation; “everything we see is a perspective” could be the motto for the 21st century – in these times of photoshop, digital media, sound bytes and special effects and editing that makes of reality what it will, how further from the truth could we possibly be? Aurelius may not have been speaking on the dynamics of one on one human interaction but perhaps on that of man’s inextricable battle with retaining some sense of perspective in the larger world… then again, he may have just been complaining about something trivial that pissed him off!


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