Travel Theme: Illuminated


colour therapy

Long winter evenings of late have been spent in some rather trivial (but always constructive) pursuits – Across the Bored likes to multitask when faced with sitting through a less than riveting televised programme, so we do little repairs, hand sewing long neglected (we tried needlepoint but counting stitches was problematic), trash useless emails or clean the phone. It was while busy with this last task that we discovered over 300 apps all nicely tucked into categories on 4 home screens…. What? Perhaps this was the reason for our poor phone’s weakened state, rapidly draining battery and dwindling memory: that and the over 2000 photos we just can’t seem to part with.

6 hours later with a good number of lame apps gone and the camera roll reduced by half (it’s a start and yes, they are backed up in 2 different places), we had made a lovely reacquaintance with some of the nifty photo-editors that had been dormant for awhile.

We have been illuminated.


See the light in the entries of Where’s my backpack?’s Travel Theme: Illuminated.

9 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Illuminated

    • ideflex says:

      I can remember that we had a “party line” phone with a rotary dial… We had to wait until the neighbours had finished their conversations and were never sure who was listening! So much has changed, our children have no idea and many of them don’t have any clue what real hardship is….


  1. Allan G. Smorra says:

    I had a similar “epiphany” about a week ago—out with the old, make room for the new. This image of yours is perfect for the challenge. The colors are energizing.


    • ideflex says:

      Thank you, trying to pretend it’s warmer than it is! I had way too many apps that I couldn’t remember what they all did and had to go in and “check”…. It’s a process alright…


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