Travel Theme: Still


we have not made the journey
this far
to be set off course
by unnecessary chaos
such hue and cry
shall be swallowed whole
by silence

Find permanence in the entries of Where’s my backpack?’s Travel Theme: Still.

14 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Still

      • Caddo says:

        Oh my goodness….I’m so touched as to feel overwhelmed and misty-eyed. Now I’ve forgotten what I was going to say–oh–I’ve scheduled my Wishes acrostic for Dec 26, if that’s alright, as the Tokens have made for extra posts through Xmas and one more might get lost in the shuffle. I think you’ll like my entry.


            • ideflex says:

              Lots of people hit the stores for bargains though I find the thought of shopping the day after Christmas for things that were full price not 48 hours earlier really depressing – don’t people have enough stuff?


              • Caddo says:

                There seems to be a weird fear of “running out of stuff” and/or not getting ALL the great bargains available–which I believe is completely and pathologically delusional. But I guess, back when I had money, I did the same thing…it was so long ago. The other thing that gets me is, the denial factor–intelligent, degreed people should know by now that “discounts” result After prices are first raised/inflated, so that the illusion of savings appears. This is not NEW, folks, catch a clue and Really Save your money.


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