A Word a Week Photography Challenge: Flower

Avid gardeners perk up when the subject of heirloom is broached – this peony bush has been in the garden for longer than most of us can remember; its larger than generous dinner-plate sized blooms last but a few short days and it is only then that we know that summer is not long behind.

A Word in your Ear has opened up a whole world of blossoms with the Word A Week Photo Challenge – Flower.  Follow the link to view more…

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge: Mother

A visit to the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption in San Francisco was pleasantly rewarded with the strains of the organist’s rehearsal floating up into the peak of its unique saddle roof and the discovery of this mosaic tucked off to one side of the nave.  Inspired by the original Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, it fits A Word in your Ear’s Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Mother quite nicely.