Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

work of art

in another life
the luxury of paint and brush
would caress canvas
but now
with barely time to breathe
it is a fingertip
that pulls each work of art
out of the virtual

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Travel Theme: Through


there are days
when no matter how hard we look
all we see through the window
is a dim reflection
of what we are leaving behind


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A Word a Week Challenge – Square

squarewindows are the eyes of the city

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Story Challenge: Tagged “X”

tagged x

X and Os
a game we played
I let you win
but now
I cut your words
the delete key a Xyster
You soar
a Xeme
above metaphors
as clear as X-rays
my literary Xenolith
a Xerox copy
watercolour bright

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Story Challenge: Tagged “W”

tagged w

Wait Wordless at the Window
Wantonly Wakeful
Weaving Wistful Welcomes
and Weird Walkaways
While Warm Wastelands
Whisper like Wishful Waves
and the Wind Wraps
a Whole World Wrangled
Wrestled into Wouldingness
like some Wildly
Work in progress

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