Aaarrrggh – again?

lucy steal linus blanketFor the past few days Across the Bored has been coping with some technical difficulties stemming from an upgrade to Mountain Lion that incapacitated our various computers simultaneous internet access. Leaving us more than a little aggravated with technology that hasn’t had all the bugs completely worked out and being from the school of turn it on and it works perfectly every time, you can imagine our frame of mind when we logged in this morning and figured out what the New Year’s resolution in the R&D department of virtual reality was – change everything that was working fine to something completely different that will aggravate everyone already having to deal with getting back to a normal routine…  Anyone else out there a little, to be politically-correct, perturbed by the recent changes in the reader?  Now I’m not one to stand in the way of innovation but there is a difference between needless tweaking and substantial improvements – new posts on the right, no – move all the images to the left and crop them into partial crap, blog names and post titles on top of the images, no – that’s no good – put them below where we really have to search for them; put the LIKE in bold , no – smaller font – no bigger, bolder font – no make it into a star… and why are the tags in a position of prominence BEFORE the title of the post and why can you not get directly to the page where the blog is anymore without having to navigate all over the place? With all those lovely new icons on the upper right in the toolbar, why can’t one of them lead directly to the dashboard… Isn’t anyone aware of the 3 clicks and you’re dead rule?

snoopy stealing linus blanket


Someone in a dark back room has a whole lot of time on their hands, so like the inimitable Charlie Brown said…

i give up