This was Thursday: A Lifetime Ago


Print advertising in Playboy Magazine, 1972.

Read your history : Find out what happened : Note the change : Recognize why we are here : Vote responsibly.

Not thrilled with a lot of things these days but have decided that this 1000th post will help keep things moving forward.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, but not Forgotten

gonesome say
that all of life
vibrates in each object
how can we part
when all of history
surges into tired fingertips

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Doors, Door Knobs and Handles


Thank you for using the artist’s entrance on the right
…’cuz your not allowed in the front door….


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs


nothing left
but  a few square feet
on the third floor of a museum
no more celebrities
no more labour disputes
no more long lines
waiting for a taste
of smoked meat and a coke
but perhaps
the straw that broke
the kravitz’ back
was just
that $5.50 super deluxe sundae


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime


on a thursday afternoon
they would wander
a few soda crackers and peppermints
wrapped carefully in a handkerchief
and tucked into pocketbooks
just in case
they would say
and nod agreement
to the happy collusion
spent lingering
by the perfume counter
but Friday
would always come
striding in on too-high heels
gin and tonic fueled
waiting to be dragged
onto the dance floor
cherries in the snow
on saturday’s collar


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Man Made Items

man made

the king and queen of condiments
in robes plain or fancy
are always within reach

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Roads

ny roads

unharnessed and unchained
riveted into place by gravity
Native sons of steel
make all roads seem small by comparison

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Story Challenge: Tagged “K”


Katie’s in the Kitchen
Karl is in the hall
Kaspar’s in the Kale
Kicking a yellow ball
Kaylin cuddles Kittens
Kendra’s growing tall
Kirk sings of Kites and Kisses
Kindred spirits big and small

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