Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Where sky and ocean meet to whisper

The sea is magic. In search of renewal, each year we migrate from our landlocked home to the coast. On a sandy beach rife with the sounds of summer, we close our eyes to the bright sun and are suddenly alone, the waves’ voice a soothing lullaby. On other days,  a free spirit may seek the water’s edge to wizard an answer from the deep.

Out of the Blue

The unexpected find of a cobalt blue Chinese medicine bottle no bigger than a thumb

Like magpies, we keep an eye open for treasure and so auctions hold the thrill of surprise for us. There is always something that we missed during viewing that sneaks its way under the hammer and into our hearts. Bidding on box lots is the big kid equivalent of cracker-jacks – you never know what the prize in the bottom may be.

On a plane to Reality

A sudden change in weather has brought cooler winds and hazy skies – it is an omen that summer vacations are almost over and makes one long for that almost blinding brilliance of July. We are in transit, obliged to leave the slow, dreamy pace of the west coast for the east. Renewed, refreshed and recharged going towards the winter, we are already starting to see things with a different eye.

Just a coupla Cupcakes

Harder to split than one would think

In a town where no one knows us, it is easy to be anyone – if we want to. Vacations let us shed the trappings of home and try all that is new or perhaps resume indulgent habits sorrily cast aside. We are afforded the time to think without interruption. Another year has passed and we are still here, stronger for our travails and hopefully, smarter for our efforts.  More than enough reason to celebrate – One pink lemonade and one chocolate cappuccino cupcake, please!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Urban, meet wild – concrete kissing rock

A fashion photo-shoot along the causeway illustrated proof that many west coast urban areas seem to run right into the Pacific.  For all that is intrinsically wrong with cities taking over once-green spaces (the subject of a future post) there is still much beauty to be found, sometimes right beneath our feet.  This weeks’s photo challenge: merge and the very act of just looking down are serendipitous indeed.

Missing unconditional Love

Growing up, the only mammals apart from the two-footed variety that populated our house were cats and rodents so when the question of “getting a dog” was broached by my own children, I would respond with an ambiguous “We’ll see”.  This answer seemed to be sufficient until 4 years ago when…. I succumbed to gentle but continuous pressure and the liquid, brown eyes of a furry mop up for adoption.  This year marks the first that we have been separated for any great length of time and though I didn’t think I would, I miss my troublemaker terribly – next year he will get a vacation, too!