tagged “V”

tagged v victim

V is for Victim
dumped by the door
hung in a hallway
slumped on the floor
rolled in a carpet
in some Vacant lot
propped in the Vestibule
plopped in a plot
squeezed into a Vessel
fit with concrete shoes
tied to a trestle
Vibrating the blues
Viscount or Vicar
Vandal, Valet
the Vulnerable dance
in Villain ballet

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WWW – Challenge

www wrapped

Would my Wits
Were about me
What in the World
Would I do
Wrestle with the orange ones
Wrangle with the blue
Waver over Whipped cream
or Whisky neat
Wolf down all the yellow
eat green ones in the street
Wherever are the pink
Wrapped Wondrous
sweet delights
I’ll save the purple
best for last
and Wish all
a good chocolate night


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