tagged “P”

tagged p pop art

like the horoscope says
it is time to Pause
on the edge of the Precipice
and Ponder only
where Predisposition
Pushes us
Put all Platitudes aside
cease Placating
those who will not be Pleased
like the Proverbial Pachyderm
Parked in the room
be the Paramedic
Poring over the Patient
Pop art and Poetry
from the Postscript
our Penance

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PPP – Challenge

ppp pineapple

Pick a Peck of Peaches
Plump Pears
or Puckered Prunes
Peel Plenty of Papaya
Pitahayas ‘neath the moon
Ponder on the Pomelo
and Pale Pepinos green
Persian limes and Pumpkins
enough Pequi for a queen
Pomegranates and Pineapple
Plantains by the score
Porcelain bowls of Pawpaw
Pitomba to her door
Ply her with Persimmons
that Pair Pleasantly with Pie
but only Purple Passionfruit
is the true apple
of her eye


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