HHH – Challenge

HHH happy

How far
from the Hardscrabble life
you Have come
Hell at the end of a Harpoon
no more
Havoc wrought with Headstrong
Hybrid Huckleberry Finns
has been
Hewn from its roots
the Heir apparent bolted
How long
were you Hunkered down
Heroic against the Hurricane
of Half-wit Hysteria
Hibernation Held in thrall
the Hollow Hallucinations
Hag-ridden by Hissing Hipsters
Hoarse coarse-mouthed Hippie chicks
who played Hit and run Hitchhiker
with Hallowed Heart
Hobbled until soft words dripped
from lips like sweetest Honey
Hallelujah Howled from Hilltop
became a Hymn
and He was
Happy to be Home again

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