Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Where sky and ocean meet to whisper

The sea is magic. In search of renewal, each year we migrate from our landlocked home to the coast. On a sandy beach rife with the sounds of summer, we close our eyes to the bright sun and are suddenly alone, the waves’ voice a soothing lullaby. On other days,  a free spirit may seek the water’s edge to wizard an answer from the deep.

Carried by the current

Sunny grey, blue sky lazy days

Even the smallest child seems to have a fascination for things that wash up along the shores of the ocean. Watch people as they wend their way along the beach: they stop to pick up striped rocks, pastel-hued sea glass or bits of wood that have been polished to a silky softness. This is the sea’s sculpture gallery where a combination of fierce sun and salt has stripped away bark and roots to reveals a new twisted form – each is unique, only hinting at a previous greener incarnation. The small ones sometimes find their way home with us, the large ones rest like weighty monuments waiting for the next week or year when we may visit once again.

Out of the sands of time

Copper and Ammonite necklace – Ideflex Collection

Summer is the one season where selfish pursuits don’t seem quite so misplaced – work takes a back seat to more hands-on creative pleasures and we get the chance to complete projects that lay fallow through the cold winter months. This gorgeous fossilized shell was found at Victoria Bead Town Designs last year and the thought of creating a piece that looked as though it had been unearthed in an archaeological dig percolated for many months before its completion this July.  Called “serpentstone” in medieval England, ammonites were held to have healing or oracular powers; Hindu lore holds them to be an earthly manifestation of Vishnu. A vision of primeval sandy beaches inspired a simple necklace – tarnished beads, industrial chain and the shimmering hues of coppery peacock cultured freshwater pearls complement large bronzite ovals flanking an iridescent ammonite.  Sand, sea and the perfect accessory warming up against sun-kissed skin combine to rejuvenate the soul.