Life imitates Art imitates Art imitates Life

gazoo graffiti

I’m always fascinated by the elements that make up some of the larger murals splashed around Montreal. In this three-story high piece, there’s a very literate and informed conversation going on between artist and viewer but I’m not actually sure how many people are picking up the thread, how many passers-by are aware of the references (age, interest and culture probably being a deciding factor) and how such iconic images are woven together in a greater commentary.

Walk on by or stop and think about it for awhile.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

zig zag

suspicions were
that lost mail
floated away
to some dun-coloured bin
in the far recesses
of an alternate universe
post office
now we know
it zigzags
to the alleys
to become bright
for marauders
of all kinds

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A words

tagged a anarchy

A is for Anarchy
soft and sweet
slipping into your dreams
on gold slippered feet
wrapped in pink satin
with bows in her hair
Any logic Abducted
in a liquid brown stare
gun-toting Angel
Anonymous heart
Abandon All hope of love
for Art

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