Going Nuts


Walking a lovely tree-lined avenue can be a dangerous proposition these days. The squirrels have no appetite for these thorny projectiles and perch high in the branches laughing while pedestrians jump at narrow misses. The ravens, however, are thrilled and gather to pick through the debris for choice bits: those they cannot crack in their bills are dropped from a height to shatter against the sidewalks. I suspect they choose their moments.

Fiction in 50: The Upper Hand

upper hand

I can see them out there scampering around, laughing – yes, I can – furry beggars digging things up, making a mess of the marigolds and never taking the blame… I’d like to wring their little necks – one good shake and that would be it but She always has the upper hand…

The Bookshelf Gargoyle curates a Fiction in 50 mini-narrative challenge – this month’s prompt is The Upper Hand! Don’t let the summer heat get to you: pour a long, tall cold one and write a piece of short, short fiction: send it in and then go have a peek at the other entries – GargoyleBruce writes wonderful reviews on all sorts of kid lit (big and small) with a cheeky tone guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Wander through the stacks, you are sure to find something you’ll like.

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Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: It’s up to you… Week 2


straight from the garden, dirt and all

The unbearable heat of the last few days means that there are few hours during the day when one can really appreciate the greener pleasures of the back yard.  Out early to check whether the birds have beaten us to the strawberry patch, the tomatoes and squash look limp, the zucchini flowers have been snapped off and carted away by furry urban poachers for a 4 am snack and the weeds….. well, the weeds do very well no matter what. With temperatures soaring to the low 40s by mid afternoon, we have spent a good part of the day inside in constructive pursuits with a glance out the front window every once in a while to check for Mad dogs and Englishmen.

On one of these breaks we were awestruck by an unusual scene unfolding on the front lawn. The squirrels had come down out of the trees and were stretched out full-length cooling their bellies in the shaded grass. The utilities companies have been hacking off large parts of the local trees lately, supposedly in an effort to clear the power lines from possible breakage – in doing so they have not only mangled the greenery but removed much of what was keeping the little rodents’ homes at a bearable temperature. I am not an overly huge fan of what most cityfolk refer to as “rats with good PR” but they were very cute and seemed in need of a good cool-off.

Across the Bored’s nurturing instincts kicked in and when the little blighters had moved on we put out a bowl of water. A squirrel rest-stop as it were, if the neighborhood dogs don’t get to it first…  Like this fortnight’s Two Cents Tuesday Challenge, it is all about doing something to effect positive change in our small corner of the universe – It’s up to You.

Have a look at the previous topics covered in the challenge – “Is there a theme that appeals to you?”

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We would love to see your vision.

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