Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

to new ideas…

The learning curve has been a little steeper than usual this week.  Here, all things tech are absorbed at a pretty much need-to-know speed, manuals and instruction books a luxury for those few minutes when there are no deadlines or last minute tasks.  iphone, ipad, laptop, the computer itself with all its magic programs, the big camera (or “my baby” as Miss Z covetously likes to call it), each has its own universe of creative possibilities but also the caveat that you have to figure out how to get there.  This week’s Photo Challenge: Silhouette arrived in the middle of a work-related road trip to the wilds of Ontario. Yahoo! No archives to consult, a tight schedule and wi-fi became the borders to cross.

Out of the city and into the trees

Silhouette is not an easy challenge – it is a way of seeing we often bypass in favour of close inspection of the thing itself.  It is the shadow, the outline, the impression left by complex forms that sometimes says more.  Toying around with the iphone proved artistic salvation. Who knew one could get quite lovely results through the window of a fast-moving car in less than ideal conditions or just by pointing at the sky and hoping for the best?