tagged “S”

tagged s swine

S is for Swine
Sweet and Sublime
Sallow or callow
the four-legged kind
Sneaking away
Staring intently
they Snortingly Say
Sit for a while
and Soar
with pig wings
Sow Subjects Socratic
Sing of porcine things
Stop being
Soothe us instead
with Sonnets
and a pat on the head

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Story Challenge: Tagged “S”

tagged s

Sammy was a Sneak thief
Sailed Seven Seas all blue
Sought Sanctuary in the arms
of Stellar Sanguine Sue
This Svelte and Spartan Sceptic
held Swords and Snickersnees
for Safety midst the Snowdrifts Soft
a Sometimes Socrates
So they Sipped Sarsparilla
Savoured love Songs Soulful Spent
Two Spellbound Star-crossed Sweethearts
on a Sunday boat for rent

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