On a plane to Reality

A sudden change in weather has brought cooler winds and hazy skies – it is an omen that summer vacations are almost over and makes one long for that almost blinding brilliance of July. We are in transit, obliged to leave the slow, dreamy pace of the west coast for the east. Renewed, refreshed and recharged going towards the winter, we are already starting to see things with a different eye.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Urban, meet wild – concrete kissing rock

A fashion photo-shoot along the causeway illustrated proof that many west coast urban areas seem to run right into the Pacific.  For all that is intrinsically wrong with cities taking over once-green spaces (the subject of a future post) there is still much beauty to be found, sometimes right beneath our feet.  This weeks’s photo challenge: merge and the very act of just looking down are serendipitous indeed.