Going Nuts


Walking a lovely tree-lined avenue can be a dangerous proposition these days. The squirrels have no appetite for these thorny projectiles and perch high in the branches laughing while pedestrians jump at narrow misses. The ravens, however, are thrilled and gather to pick through the debris for choice bits: those they cannot crack in their bills are dropped from a height to shatter against the sidewalks. I suspect they choose their moments.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

The conversation of crows mutes the low rumble of traffic

Remain in the same spot and the urban landscape changes slowly, depart for a few months and the transformation of little details begin to pop, return after many years and neighbourhoods once familiar seem foreign territory. We tend to contemplate our surroundings at eye level, taking stock of the doors and windows, pedestrians and passing cars for it gives us a sense of place. Unable to get out and document just how much childhood neighbourhoods have been altered, this week’s photo challenge: Urban forced some archive digging and a little thinking outside the box. No matter which side of the country we may find ourselves, a constant can be found in the crows, ravens and blackbirds that love to congregate in big trees.  As the cityscape changes at a sometimes furious pace, they watch, wait and follow.