tagged “Q” & “R”

q and r

Queendom is Resigned
once again
to a Quack court filled
with Quick Reproaches
and Queer Reprisals
Random Queries
with Rambling Quarrel
prod Quiet Resilience
in Quixotic Rapprochement
only seeks to Quell
the Rabid Retrenchment
the scorched Regression
that Reigns a fevered Raptor
in the Queue
it is a Ragpicker’s Quest
that hungers for Resurrection
a Quantum leap of faith
to Quicken the heart
held Ransom in the Quagmire
before it ends
in Queasy Revolution

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Story Challenge: Tagged “R”

tagged r

Rico was a Radical
Ran Rules beyond Reproach
Rode Rickshaws in the evening
Roasted Rabbits he would poach
A Rabble-Rouser Rugged
Reptilian in Repose
threw Relentless and Romantic
Ruminations into prose
Like a Rusty Rollercoaster
Rough and Ready from the start
this Reggae Rocking Raconteur
played Russian Roulette with her heart

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Story Challenge: Letter “R”

Should we be worried?

The garden is a touchstone, the ever-morphing Reality check that tells us what is Really happening in the natural world.  A moment of brilliant sunshine found Across the Bored in the back yard, in search of inspiration and a snack on the last few Raspberries clinging to the vine. Where the lilies grow in the heat of summer, this Random garden thing was found, a Righteously Reptilian Rustic Response for Frizztext’s  Story Challenge: Letter “R”.

R you able to find and R for the challenge in your Realm?