tagged “C”

tagged c cat

C is for Cat
Craving Camembert mice
Curled Coiled stretching
the yawn a device
of Carnivores striped
to Confound their prey
who scurry off
hurry off
all night and day
no sweet Condolences
no Colligation
of bright-eyed banter
dogged determination
no pangs of Conscience
or Cold Compromise
eat, play, sleep
and pounce
on the prize


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XXX – Challenge

xxx acorns

that would be
the X word for this day
a whole year for Xamining
nice or naughty
hard to say
many have been Xcellent
their comportment
above par
Xhausting in the efforts made
Xemplary by far
Xcitable were others
and Xcruciating were the worst
found to be Xecrable
Xcuseless from the first
an endless holiday nightmare
to Xtrapolate
it seems
Xtolling virtues by the score
highs and lows Xtreme
here Xtant vices disappear
while frayed nerves Xtend
’til Xmas Eve
when all is calm
the season’s joy
to you
we send


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WWW – Challenge

www wrapped

Would my Wits
Were about me
What in the World
Would I do
Wrestle with the orange ones
Wrangle with the blue
Waver over Whipped cream
or Whisky neat
Wolf down all the yellow
eat green ones in the street
Wherever are the pink
Wrapped Wondrous
sweet delights
I’ll save the purple
best for last
and Wish all
a good chocolate night


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PPP – Challenge

ppp pineapple

Pick a Peck of Peaches
Plump Pears
or Puckered Prunes
Peel Plenty of Papaya
Pitahayas ‘neath the moon
Ponder on the Pomelo
and Pale Pepinos green
Persian limes and Pumpkins
enough Pequi for a queen
Pomegranates and Pineapple
Plantains by the score
Porcelain bowls of Pawpaw
Pitomba to her door
Ply her with Persimmons
that Pair Pleasantly with Pie
but only Purple Passionfruit
is the true apple
of her eye


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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

the hue of you

We are
all the colours of the universe
sometimes the red
of a toreador’s flashing cape
or blue
as the infinite sky that washes over us
our hope
is green
like the promise of spring
and golden
as the breath of summer sun
that hovers
over your soft skin
even black and white
have their place
in our palette
for without them
everything else
would have no hue

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Travel Theme: Relaxing


once upon a year
it seemed calming
to rip out pages
sort and file away
all manner of beauty
those bits that made us laugh
told us something of ourselves
the places we had been
or wanted to run to
in dreams that seemed
to stretch on forever
like some archivist forsaken
there does not seem much use
for such a Paper burden
relevant to few
for desire has changed
the face
of what we wish to save
and rest comes
only in the moment
that we let go

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