Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Out

acrosst the bored is out

with apologies to charles shulz


There is something to be said for taking a sabbatical – this may seem odd seeing that we are only two weeks in to the academic year but the idea of taking time off from those endeavours that are habitual and recurrent, the tasks that we do from some misplaced sense that they actually need to be done and that they make some difference to our daily existence, can be a good thing. This extended recess for adults can apply to anything from housework, making meals and doing laundry, chauffeur service, brushing the dog, getting dressed, answering the phone when we know it is not for us or those million things that we automatically do in the course of our jobs that we have just gotten used to and that are often taken for granted or overlooked.  The grown-ups in our direct sphere of influence can pretty much fend for themselves, in fact it might do them a world of good, so Across the Bored is (this week anyways) working to rule, not so much on strike as withholding time and effort that would be better spent on putting our own sh*t in order. 

The virtual world is no exception nor are other pursuits no matter what form they take.  When we start to ask ourselves why we are doing things, it is time to take a breath, step back and creatively refresh and regroup. 

Taking a cue from others who have done the same, for all intents and purposes, the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge is now – Out.