This was Thursday: A Lifetime Ago


Print advertising in Playboy Magazine, 1972.

Read your history : Find out what happened : Note the change : Recognize why we are here : Vote responsibly.

Not thrilled with a lot of things these days but have decided that this 1000th post will help keep things moving forward.

Travel Theme: Relaxing


once upon a year
it seemed calming
to rip out pages
sort and file away
all manner of beauty
those bits that made us laugh
told us something of ourselves
the places we had been
or wanted to run to
in dreams that seemed
to stretch on forever
like some archivist forsaken
there does not seem much use
for such a Paper burden
relevant to few
for desire has changed
the face
of what we wish to save
and rest comes
only in the moment
that we let go

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Where’s my backpack?’s Travel Theme: Relaxing.