Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Happy


any reason to be glad is a good one

The sun finally came out today and the heat seeping in through the windows promised a spring not long to follow.  Although the snow is still in great mounds throughout the city, people have that glint in their eyes that tells how relieved they are to have made it relatively intact through another long winter.  They smile and strike up conversations with strangers more easily than in the dull days of January when everyone would look away and force themselves to make only the required contact.  Urban nature is a little louder than yesterday, more vibrant – the cardinal calls to his mate and the squirrels chitter arrogantly at the dogs nosing around their territory. Even the postman has a bounce in his gait despite his heavy burden of bills, flyers and subscriptions.

There was something in the mail for Miss Z this afternoon – the thick envelope from one of the best colleges in our city.  Thanks to the wonders of technology her acceptance was already a fact but the very tangible proof she could hold in her hands, the evidence she could wave in the faces of all those teenage detractors, was the perfect way to end her day.  Lo, like a cheshire cat our court does grin at such good news and so the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge can’t be anything but – Happy.

“How does happy look to you?” –  Your mum’s mug or hole the dog dug, friends gathered round, a night on the town, a yellow sunflower or a rainbow after a shower, a pair of shoes or a new tattoo …

We would love to see your vision.

For all those who are new readers to Across the Bored, here are some guidelines for the challenge: HOW DOES THIS WORK?

  1.  I will post some commentary on a random topic that pops into my head (such as the above) and then ask you to respond on the same.
  2. Your point of view on the current week’s challenge can take any form: a quote, a motto or saying, an essay, poem or opinion of yours or attributed to someone else, a piece of music, a song, a video, a work of art, photograph, graffiti, drawing or scribble – but it has to be about the topic!
  3. Please, don’t just link to an old post… challenge yourself.
  4. The Challenge will be open for 14 days (there will be a reminder post at the 7 day mark) after which I will post another.
  5. ENJOY, have FUN and TELL your friends and fellow bloggers.

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Travel Theme: New


the ghost and his significant other cook

What better time to start implementing change than the first days of the New Year when our bodies and minds are in post NYE slow mode? With a real lack of motivation towards the preparation of anything requiring more than lifting a corner of saran wrap, Across the Bored decided to bestow the chef’s hat upon other members of the clan not quite as familiar with the workings of the kitchen. With a bit of guidance from the Professor, the results were decidedly… not bad!

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Photograph Something New

Something old, something new…

Some of us are curators for OPS – other people’s stuff – whether we choose to or have the mantle bestowed upon us by family and friends.  With some of it, we scratch our heads and wonder what the initial attraction was and then gently pass it along; other objects have  their own fascinating history – where they came from, whose hands caressed their smooth surfaces in passing, why they were so well-loved in the first place.  These things become our legacy, but unless we take the time to tell their stories and get others to look at them in a new way,  it is just OPS…

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Photograph Something New asks us to cast an eye on our immediate surroundings – See what fresh perspectives have been captured there!

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