Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

bus shelter

in darkness one finds light reflected

How many of us believe in coincidence? Its dictionary definition – in which events or conditions that are closely related by time, space, form, or other associations which appear unlikely to bear a relationship occur at one time apparently by mere chance – can in itself be puzzling.

Statisticians note in dry, withered tones that synchronicity is inevitable and often less remarkable than it appears intuitively but it is nonetheless marvellously strange that the photograph now being entered in a challenge about light on the 11th day of this month – and that had lingered in a folder titled “future blog pix” waiting for just the right moment to appear in the multiverse – was taken the eve of December 11th last year, the very same day Across the Bored posted the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Illumination.


Trip the light fantastic with this week’s entries at the Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination.

Negative Space – AKAM Photo Challenge

Cardinal Guzman is the host this week on a Norwegian photography website’s challenge (www.akam.no) and has chosen the theme of Negative Space.  Weather not permitting a large abundance of negative space in our corner of the globe at the moment, a backward glance through the archives brought forth two visions  –  both illustrate the two diametrically opposed sides of one city.