Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Well, this pretty much sums it up…

All the best intentions were laid waste for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine when the camera to be used stated in incontrovertible and eerily prescient terms “Warning! Battery is exhausted.” Another device could have been used but time, like usual, being of the essence necessitated a reformulation of an answer to  “What is mine?”

A list was tallied and the results were surprising:

  • Jewellery (good and otherwise) – not since Miss Z has reached an age where she can be trusted not to lose or break any of it
  • Shoes – the dog would argue otherwise
  • Clothing – much of it is only temporarily in the closet
  • Art that is hanging around – anything collected usually belonged to someone else and will eventually be handed down to another
  • Books – we are librarians at best
  • Photos, slides, film and assorted media – has turned into a family affair with more than one person disputing ownership of a work that resulted from multiple cameras all in the same place at the same time
  • All that stuff in the warehouse – at least 75% of it is definitely not mine
  • All that stuff in the studio – we won’t go there today
  • Money – in one hand out the other
  • the Dog – he is his own master as he seems to do as he pleases
  • the Ancestors – claimed by a large crew some known some not

So what is really mine? Memories, all those those crazy ideas, lazy day dreamings and creative brainwaves, world-changing inventions formulated but never realized, brilliant musings and flashes of genius; everything I ever learned or heard or read about rolling around in my skull. Knowledge.