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tagged j jar

Jack and Jill,
are hipsters still
drink mason Jars of water
Jack Jives by night
his band’s delight
Jill dreams of being a potter

Jack’s day Job sucks
roundabout he mucks
writing Jingles down on paper
Jumbled days slide by
with lone Jailbird sigh
yet still he is a Japer

Jill dreads the morn
John Barleycorn
Jack’s friends are Just so Jerky
in skinny Jeans faded
vintage closet raided
they ate all her tofurky

Jack pops Jam cakes
Jill lovingly bakes
vegan to keep her figure
an idea Jolts bright
Joyful time is right
the market even bigger

Jack and Jill
quite fit the bill
Jolly in a big Joint venture
now Judge and Jury
in capitalist fury
they’ve secured a
fair-trade debenture

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