Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime


Ready to dive into a submarine
taken with the iphone 5 icamera no edits

Paper thin slices of steak, sautéed golden onions, fresh red pepper and Sunset Campari tomatoes, California Black Ripe olives, shredded lettuce, grated cheddar and Parmigiano-Reggiano, avocado mayonnaise, chipotle dressing on a warmed, toasty ciabatta loaf. The Ghost and the Inscrutable Dr. Fu get Sandwich 101 lessons – Culinary school Chez Nous.

Go and grab something delicious in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Colorful Monotone

Who’s been eating my snacks?

Everyone loves a little treat – something sweet or savoury, sour or salty – that little nibble or large nosh to quell a craving or calm a catastrophe.  Indian snacks take indulging our tastebuds to the next level – a mason jar of bhel puri is the exotic equivalent on the satisfaction scale of a cheesie (without all the unpronounceable additives)!

This week images are predominantly one colour at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colorful Monotone  – Have a look at the range of hues, shades and variations displayed there!

Who knew?

Across the Bored received a nice surprise this morning with the notification that we have over 50 followers! Now while that may not be much in terms of numbers in the blogosphere, it is significant in that it means that we are developing a nice community of like-minded souls.

So a big thank you to all the followers and readers for making this whole adventure worthwhile – help us celebrate, go out and nibble on something special!

Just another Sunday morning

Someone is bound to ask where the poppy seed ones are…

In the old days, we would have spread a dropcloth over the bedspread and lounged in bed with a cup of americano and copy of the New York Times Sunday edition.  This morning, a ten-spot is better spent on piping hot, fresh bagels, a creamy cappuccino from my own machine and the best of the globe’s weekend papers online.  In bed, of course…

For more info about these addictive morsels – sesame, cinnamon raisin, all-dressed and more, have a look at the links below:

The Bagel
The Montreal -style bagel
Fairmount Bagel
St.Viateur Bagel
Montreal’s Bagels Square Off Against New York’s
Murray’s Bagels: Worth the wait, every time!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy – Part 1

Perfect every time

Thank G*d for small blessings.  We have been cranky, overworked, put upon and somewhat under the weather as far as inspiration goes this last week but luckily, this week’s Photo Challenge: Happy arrives just in time for our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend celebration. It is, like most things and ultimately, all about a state of mind – be it brief or prolonged, which we can measure against our own often high standards or those of the people that surround us. This Sunday, everyone is very happy with a groaning board of tasty treats and a plump, organic bird prepared with a few additions according to Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas Turkey recipe (which, by the way, is never fail mouth-wateringly moist and even better in a convection oven). So family sated, desserted and all gone home by a decent hour, I am happy it is over. A VPR radio broadcast last year offered solutions for dealing with holiday stress, especially for those who suffer from self-inflicted performance anxiety and are their own worst critics: Relax, for in the end, our best efforts are often better than that and only we really know the difference…..

Just a coupla Cupcakes

Harder to split than one would think

In a town where no one knows us, it is easy to be anyone – if we want to. Vacations let us shed the trappings of home and try all that is new or perhaps resume indulgent habits sorrily cast aside. We are afforded the time to think without interruption. Another year has passed and we are still here, stronger for our travails and hopefully, smarter for our efforts.  More than enough reason to celebrate – One pink lemonade and one chocolate cappuccino cupcake, please!