The Big 5 – “What” do you crave? – Week 2

spock massageplease, please, please come to my house – i’ll pay anything

Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong did? This particular Wednesday proved a fine example of that old adage: we woke at an ungodly hour to the sound of the sprinkler system kicking in like Niagara Falls in the duct work and discovered that the source of a prolonged hot flash was coming from the dog jammed quite contentedly into our armpit. It was dentist day part 2: despite the grey skies we decided to walk – it wasn’t that far but the swollen rain clouds looming overhead decided they couldn’t wait another five minutes and released the inundation upon us halfway there. Arriving early and waiting an additional half hour was a bonus that let us dry out a bit before the heavy demolition began in earnest. After an hour in the chair the silky strains of Respighi could not soften the blow that the simple filling we had gone in for had now turned into a hidden crack and future crown. Not feeling like a princess at all….

Murphy must have been laughing from on high when he saw us leave the dentist’s office. A break in the torrential weather, another bad decision to walk, more rain the size of spitballs, major construction tearing up the side streets causing us to skip and jump across puddles and piles of gravel, wrongly stocked items at the grocery store resulting in ludicrous prices at the cash, too many packages resulting in the forgotten umbrella, a return for the barely usable brolly and finally home.  All we could think about was a piece of Russian toast and a caramel macchiato, neither of which was going to happen seeing we resembled a wet-mouth Saint Bernard and most words came out crooked anyways.

The weather seemed to have put everyone on tenterhooks with the simplest questions having a cataclysmic effect quite unwarranted (us included). We told everyone in no uncertain terms not to ask what is for dinner. The invitation to Spock though has been extended to perpetuity for all we really want, right now, is not to be bothered. Could be worse…

This fortnight the Big 5 Challenge is interested to know –  “What do you crave?” – peace and quiet, a hearty party, a chocolate-covered donut, pastrami sandwich or kale smoothie, to be alone, to be away, a 48-hour long day…

We would love to know what has been poking you to go for it.

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The Big 5 – What do you crave?


some days it’s bacon

Fellow blogger and roller derby queen Marie’s post about the unexpected repercussions of an alimentary lifestyle choice had Across the Bored snorting with sympathetic laughter. We also have been there, ate that and (groaningly) lived to tell some mortifying tales of caving to desire. To be honest they really did seem like good ideas at the time, ones that were not so far-fetched to be ridiculous but like the ingestion of just one wafer thin mint, ones that put us right over the top.

Everyone has had the experience of having a taste for something: everything from garlicky goodness and super spicy to divinely dessert-like. It’s our taste buds and indeed even some odd twist of metabolism that pipes up in a small voice and whispers “howzabout that raspberry sundae? You know you want it…” Sometimes it all ends in disaster with us saying that we will never succumb again and other days we pat ourselves on the back for having made a wise decision that takes us in a better, healthier direction.

The Big 5 Challenge gets overwhelmed by a variety of desires –  What do you crave?” – peace and quiet, a hearty party, a chocolate-covered donut, pastrami sandwich or kale smoothie, to be alone, to be away, a 48-hour long day…

We would love to know what has been poking you to go for it.

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