Not again!

linus_boxing_lucy01charles schulz knew the effectiveness of taking things into one’s own hands

Across the Bored woke up on the right side of the bed, had a pleasant breakfast and accomplished a few chores before getting down to some serious blogging this holiday morning when, once again, our temper was set off by a small but annoying discovery.

WP has seen fit to remove blog names from the new posts in the reader…. has anyone else noticed this or is only our monitor plagued with an appalling lack of identification under the tags and photos?  Is this not just a tad insulting to those who spent some considerable amount of time “Choosing the Perfect Blog Name” or paying good money annually for a dedicated domain?  If we wanted to be anonymous we wouldn’t be blogging, we would live in some remote location with no wi-fi and carve our memoirs onto a log. Days were when we could workaround the dreaded “403 Forbidden” and even put up with unexpected cut-outs and missing posts but this Big Brotheresque move really sucks.

Soon we will just have barcodes….