Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy – Part 1

Perfect every time

Thank G*d for small blessings.  We have been cranky, overworked, put upon and somewhat under the weather as far as inspiration goes this last week but luckily, this week’s Photo Challenge: Happy arrives just in time for our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend celebration. It is, like most things and ultimately, all about a state of mind – be it brief or prolonged, which we can measure against our own often high standards or those of the people that surround us. This Sunday, everyone is very happy with a groaning board of tasty treats and a plump, organic bird prepared with a few additions according to Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas Turkey recipe (which, by the way, is never fail mouth-wateringly moist and even better in a convection oven). So family sated, desserted and all gone home by a decent hour, I am happy it is over. A VPR radio broadcast last year offered solutions for dealing with holiday stress, especially for those who suffer from self-inflicted performance anxiety and are their own worst critics: Relax, for in the end, our best efforts are often better than that and only we really know the difference…..

Talk to me & the Weekly Writing Challenge

Put your finger here…

We always laugh about how one thing leads to another and today is a classic example where a comment sparked a post that segued into the Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap:  “What does the Occupy movement mean to you?”- although not providing an exact answer to or an opinion about said topic, it does deal with the larger issue of expression and our freedom to do so.

Communication is de rigeur these days, from blogs and press articles to facebook conversations bringing up the subject of how we interact with each other.  Many of us seek to root out the causes of our lack of connection whether it be technological or social while others propose solid, common sense solutions for a problem that seems to be getting worse rather than better.  The amount of information available about almost everything is staggering and it leaves one wondering what deserves discussion, what do we pass along or ask for answers to and, is anyone actually listening?

For the most part, our daily discourse with friends, family and followers is not that hard.  Dealing with big business and governments that really don’t care or listen to their constituents is another story. One of the latest furors in our circle arises from the intent of Bell Canada to purchase Astral and become a media monopoly which can basically do whatever, whenever it likes in its control of communication and then charge us for it. Now we could sit back and watch how it plays out, or we can protest  – “saying no” by signing a petition or letting others know what is going on. Here, Big Business seems to have our government as its role model – its many actions and legislations a “mockery of democracy” that only a small percentage of the public is even interested in talking about.   Some of us pronounce our displeasure in short blasts of invective or wax long and eloquent like Allan Gregg in his article “1984 in 2012 – The Assault on Reason”.  In either case, food for thought and a little more than polite dinner conversation. There are those who choose to manifest their disapproval for a whole slew of 21st century global problems through the Occupy movements: it could be said they are a new breed of communicators, for they are attempting to get a message across, trying to be heard in the cacophony of everyday life.

Which brings everything round to the comment which got this whole thing started in the first place: the wondrous Miss Z laughing and telling a friend who was unable to text her due to technical difficulties – “You know, there is this really great app on your phone where we can actually TALK to each other…”

Sometimes it is just that simple….