Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

One of these things is different from the others….

This week’s  Photo Challenge: Foreign opens up a whole world of images with great visual impact. Although the text on this wall-sized butcher’s sign needed translation, the graphic content was fuel for a hot debate between travellers to ShenZhen.  Unpalatable to many of the group, vegetarians and carnivores alike, it proved once again that when travelling everything is relative – a matter of taste, so to speak – and that, like a good book or film, the enjoyment lies in our suspension of belief.

Travel theme: Animals

I know you are doing something interesting

No matter where we go, when we are home, this face is sure to follow.  He reads like an open book; sometimes it is a mystery, or a comedy and there are even days when he plays all the characters in a tale of horror but it always ends up a love story.

Celebrate beastie beauty with Where’s my backpack’s challenge Travel theme: Animals!

Puppy Love

Canine hearts beat as ours

We often dogsit our neighbour’s foxhound, a pup who managed to teach our own barbet-poodle mix how to bark.  Being a fowl-retriever the loudest sound to come out of him, up until their meeting, had been a low growl but he quickly learned a full range of barks, yowls, whines and yelps. This is, perhaps, the true nature of friendship – having a buddy who is willing to teach one things not inherent in our essential characters, to be non-judgemental about us whether we are scruffy or groomed and to always watch our backs. Were it so easy for those of us who walk on two feet…

Missing unconditional Love

Growing up, the only mammals apart from the two-footed variety that populated our house were cats and rodents so when the question of “getting a dog” was broached by my own children, I would respond with an ambiguous “We’ll see”.  This answer seemed to be sufficient until 4 years ago when…. I succumbed to gentle but continuous pressure and the liquid, brown eyes of a furry mop up for adoption.  This year marks the first that we have been separated for any great length of time and though I didn’t think I would, I miss my troublemaker terribly – next year he will get a vacation, too!