Serene amid the weeds

Rose quartz necklace – Ideflex Collection

An especially bright morning called out for closer inspection of the garden that we had left, somewhat unhappily, at the beginning of the summer in the hands of non-horticulturists. It tends to be wild back there on the best of days, a hodge-podge run to ruins English garden that lets grow what it will. Like us, it resists attempts at too-neat order – flowering weeds sprout rampant in the smallest patches of dark earth and each season brings a new yield of blooms that seem not to have been there the year before. Huge bright green elephant ears beckoned as an ideal bed for a piece of jewellery finished in another climate. A chinese clavicle pendant of rose quartz from Studio BBG was the catalyst for this necklace; two large Murano glass beads, some pink jade, blush pearls and silver spacers add lightness and bring an element of reflectivity to the larger rose quartz rectangles.  Feminine in nature, this lovely pale pink stone is said to be the crystal of love, emitting a calming and cooling energy. It gives inner peace and makes the wearer receptive to matters of the heart. Much like the garden…

Out of the sands of time

Copper and Ammonite necklace – Ideflex Collection

Summer is the one season where selfish pursuits don’t seem quite so misplaced – work takes a back seat to more hands-on creative pleasures and we get the chance to complete projects that lay fallow through the cold winter months. This gorgeous fossilized shell was found at Victoria Bead Town Designs last year and the thought of creating a piece that looked as though it had been unearthed in an archaeological dig percolated for many months before its completion this July.  Called “serpentstone” in medieval England, ammonites were held to have healing or oracular powers; Hindu lore holds them to be an earthly manifestation of Vishnu. A vision of primeval sandy beaches inspired a simple necklace – tarnished beads, industrial chain and the shimmering hues of coppery peacock cultured freshwater pearls complement large bronzite ovals flanking an iridescent ammonite.  Sand, sea and the perfect accessory warming up against sun-kissed skin combine to rejuvenate the soul.