Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Intent


Resistance is futile

A post on a social media network that I follow prompted much thought surrounding the theme of change: in the photo in question, “You’ve changed” is written out in large letters on the side of what looks like someone’s house – it almost begs for an answer. Is it an act of revenge, a statement of fact, an accusation, a bemoaning on the parting of ways and interests or just a boldly positive declaration? Makes us curious… but also brings us back to what seems to be the crux of a constant issue in our house, in our interactions with friends, family and the way we work at our art and livelihood.

Lots of people want change, seek it, try and effect it, avoid it, say they’ll make it or ignore it but it boils down even further to another recurring theme that was a topic of breakfast discussion, that of Intent. There is a huge difference in having the best (or worst) of Intentions in a wishful thinking, passively classical sense and that of the Intent of scientific definition that is active in achieving its goal. Which side of the fence you dance on can radically alter the course of future events.

Our Barbet has it all figured out. This morning his Intention was to wrangle away the bacon, it had been ever since he swallowed the last bite of his own identical-to-ours breakfast. It was a good idea that could potentially get the gears moving. At that point one of two things could have happened: he could have a drink of water and – SQUIRREL – get distracted by something else, diverting his Intention or he could act, the strength of his Intent driving him to our chair and stimulating phase one of puppy-face. Intent motivated his brain to pursue until he gained satisfaction; phase two was enacted, he stood up on his back legs with head cocked to one side, engaged in direct eye contact, a little ESP for added effect and an offered paw. We gave in, he was victorious in his Intent by getting the bacon and, this time, we both wound up happy.

Too bad people aren’t more like some of our canine companions. It’s not actually that hard and one can start with the tiniest of things and like much else in life the more one does, the easier it gets. Let’s have less promise of change, less hope that Intentions will lazily guide us to something definitive. Be effective in your Intent, dynamic in your desire, be more dog.

And just because it’s good for a laugh and has many of the same themes, have a look at this video

“What is your intent?” – take that photo, sing that song, curl up in a chair and read the day long, give a hug, a peck on the cheek, run a mile or walk all week – We would love to see your vision…

For all those who are new readers to Across the Bored, here are some guidelines for the challenge: HOW DOES THIS WORK?

  1.  I will post some commentary on a random topic that pops into my head (such as the above) and then ask you to respond on the same.
  2. Your point of view on the current week’s challenge can take any form: a quote, a motto or saying, an essay, poem or opinion of yours or attributed to someone else, a piece of music, a song, a video, a work of art, photograph, graffiti, drawing or scribble – but it has to be about the topic!
  3. Please, don’t just link to an old post… challenge yourself.
  4. The Challenge will be open for 14 days (there will be a reminder post at the 7 day mark) after which I will post another.
  5. ENJOY, have FUN and TELL your friends and fellow bloggers.

 SO – Create your Two Cents Tuesday Challenge post

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9 thoughts on “Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Intent

  1. Tish Farrell says:

    “Be effective in your Intent, dynamic in your desire, be more dog.” Well that just about gives me the route map for the foreseeable future. I will see what my inner dog thinks about the novel I am struggling to get written. It will give me a whole new perspective. Woof. And many thanks.


      • Tish Farrell says:

        Actually what you said reminded me of Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Women who run with wolves) storyteller and Jungian analyst. She does an interesting analysis of the Gelert tale, wherein the Welsh prince slays his faithful dog, mistakenly thinking it has killed his son, when instead Gelert has killed the wolf that was attacking the baby in its cradle. She suggests that the story could be considered in the light of foiled creativity and self-sabotage. Eg we could see the wolf as the potential destroyer of creativity, but meanwhile the prince (the ego) misidentifies the danger and so kills the loyal dog whose role is purely to be glad and share in all the ego’s productive pursuits. I find it rather heartening to think of a great noble hound being happy that I can get some words on screen, and finish a chapter, and maybe write another… :)


        • ideflex says:

          I will have to look that one up! I know quite a few people who self-sabotage… It is heartening to think that we have a great hound watching out for us (and perhaps even woofing a few inspirations here and there)!

          Liked by 1 person

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