Fiction in 50: If at first you don’t Succeed



I want to do it. I can do it. I ate the bow but I can do it. I buried it in the garden all this time, tell me that you never knew. Nope, I can’t do it…

If at first you don’t succeed, get someone with thumbs to help…

The Bookshelf Gargoyle curates a Fiction in 50 mini-narrative challenge – this month’s prompt is If at first you don’t succeed! Taking a break on the pre-holiday rush, pour yourself something tasty and scribble a bit of short, short fiction: send it in and then go have a peek at the other entries – GargoyleBruce writes wonderful reviews on all sorts of kid lit (big and small) with a cheeky tone guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Wander through the stacks, you are sure to find something you’ll like.

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13 thoughts on “Fiction in 50: If at first you don’t Succeed

        • ideflex says:

          Thank you and yes, I did! It’s an app that makes things look “painted” – I can’t tell you how many times in the last week I’ve had to readjust my glasses for various tasks… and contact lenses only make things worse as one eye gets a lens for near and the other for far in the hopes that my brain will compensate… Have a wonderful holiday my friend!


          • Paislee Blu says:

            Oh wow, that whole “vision” deal is the pits, I know. I try to tell myself that whatever I can’t see, I don’t have to worry about–but I have a habit of dropping my morning meds: tiny pills–one is blue, one pink–and the kitchen horror rugs are those multi-colored Indian scraps tied together….so finding them is a miracle. But wait there’s more: the other day I made an effort to catch one before it landed; well I couldn’t find it anywhere, gave up and went about the day’s task–which included laundry. End of day, putting the clothes away, I saw the little pink one in the hall way–it had apparently “made the basket” of my breast pocket in the a.m. “game”; and when I pulled the tissue out of my pocket in the pm, it flipped out without my notice. Oh yeah, things are still fun around here….

            Anyhoo, I love your “painted” app–gorgeous work!!


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