The Big 5 – Challenger’s Choice – Week 2


if only…  running really fast to try and catch it

This fortnight the Big 5 Challenge is leaving it up to you – Challenger’s Choice!

What do you crave?    How old do you feel?    When was your last Duh moment?    Where do you relax?     Why did you start to blog?    Who is your Underdog?    What is your Favourite Flower?     When is the last time you really laughed?    How do you relax?     Who did you listen to?      Where are you from?     What are you reading?

We would love to know which topic gets you going…

For all those who are new readers to Across the Bored, some great entries and the guidelines for this challenge can be found here: Need more info, want to browse past themes or get the badge for your blog? See HOW DOES THIS WORK.

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