tagged “S”

tagged s swine

S is for Swine
Sweet and Sublime
Sallow or callow
the four-legged kind
Sneaking away
Staring intently
they Snortingly Say
Sit for a while
and Soar
with pig wings
Sow Subjects Socratic
Sing of porcine things
Stop being
Soothe us instead
with Sonnets
and a pat on the head

Saunter over to the entries in Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge: tagged “S“.

6 thoughts on “tagged “S”

  1. frizztext says:

    oh dear poet, soothing us again with one of your sonnets, maybe the only existing high level literature sonnet about swines, snarfelling and snuffling – perfect painting as well (don’t know why, but I’m starting to dream now from summer evening barbecue meetings)


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