Fiction in 50: Only Joking

only joking

The motorcycle in the driveway should have been a clue – all that exercising, saying she was building up endurance – then those tear-outs of blue hair and questions slipped in at dinner, “who did Melissa’s piercing?” – with only 4 months left ’til Burning Man – I wonder if she’s only joking…

The Bookshelf Gargoyle curates a Fiction in 50 mini-narrative challenge – this month’s prompt is Only Joking! Tell us a tale, fabricate a fib, stretch the truth and put out a piece of short, short fiction: send it in and then go have a peek at the other entries – GargoyleBruce writes wonderful reviews on all sorts of kid lit (big and small) with a cheeky tone guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Wander through the stacks, you are sure to find something you’ll like.

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16 thoughts on “Fiction in 50: Only Joking

  1. Starralee says:

    I bailed on this challenge, temporarily lost my sense of humor due to seriously HOT hot flashes. If you need a laugh this Wednesday, here’s a visual for you–Short/fat/frumpy woman storms clinic, armed to the teeth: “GIVE ME BACK My HRT PILLS!!”


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