tagged “N”

tagged n night

N is for Night
dark Nadir of day
where Naked Naifs
fawn upon
Nail-biting Nihilists
Noxious Name-droppers
court Nimble Ninjas
while Narcissists
dance Narcotic
No rest
for Naughty Narcoleptics
the Nauseous
and the Nonconformist
the Noble Navel-gazing
mix Nonsensical
Nitty gritty Narrative
throw words like Nasturtiums
at Nomads Nodding
off in corners
Noggins askance
is Nefarious Nature’s
Nearsighted embrace
a Necessary Neighbour
Nonplussed Negotiatrix
No matter

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21 thoughts on “tagged “N”

  1. frizztext says:

    naked night nippels,
    narcisstic Ninja nihilists,
    noble nail-biting nonconformists,
    necessary neighbour nonplusses…
    = reading your lyrics, I always
    notice, my English is a restringed
    incomplete code…
    (as well as my music)


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