tagged “N”

tagged n night

N is for Night
dark Nadir of day
where Naked Naifs
fawn upon
Nail-biting Nihilists
Noxious Name-droppers
court Nimble Ninjas
while Narcissists
dance Narcotic
No rest
for Naughty Narcoleptics
the Nauseous
and the Nonconformist
the Noble Navel-gazing
mix Nonsensical
Nitty gritty Narrative
throw words like Nasturtiums
at Nomads Nodding
off in corners
Noggins askance
is Nefarious Nature’s
Nearsighted embrace
a Necessary Neighbour
Nonplussed Negotiatrix
No matter

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21 thoughts on “tagged “N”

  1. naked night nippels,
    narcisstic Ninja nihilists,
    noble nail-biting nonconformists,
    necessary neighbour nonplusses…
    = reading your lyrics, I always
    notice, my English is a restringed
    incomplete code…
    (as well as my music)


              • Oh noooooo…sorry to hear that, I finally feel human again after that horrid arrful pre-Full Moon week. I’m basking in the sense of well-being…oh, sorry, didn’t mean to rub it in. I just made some Coconut Muffins–you can have all 6 of ’em!


                  • It was wretched!! Somebody, trying to be helpful I guess, told me it was worse because it was an eclipse and a Blood Moon. Now I ask you, what the H difference does it make what it’s called???!!!!! I just wanted to kill everybody, starting with ME!


                    • Blood moon! Ha, that’s an understatement! More like out-for-blood moon… Didn’t eat enough during so I’m still hungry – any coconut muffins left?


                    • You’ve got me chuckling with empathy–“out for blood moon”, Amen! I felt like a new woman yesterday, but then as usual, I stayed up too late–and wondered why I was cranky again!! I should write a book about “not testing God” in regard to moods–when He brings us out of the abyss (however temporary), we shouldn’t think He’s afforded us bionic (no need for sleep) properties! Oh dear, the muppins left with my maintenance man yesterday–but I’m gonna work on a fresh apple spice cake later (?)….and am considering a rice pudding with Coconut. Now what we need is those funny little tubes at the banks’ drive-thru–so I could send you “take out” packages. Sending prayers and love for the rest of this Easter week!


                    • Busy hands are happy hands! I managed to get though a little sort and pitch… May the Easter bunny hop your way…much love in return!


                    • “Sort and pitch” is Good! By the by, I’ve thus far resisted temptation to buy those lovely maple creme chocolate eggs….probably shouldn’t have mentioned them now.


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