10 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie 50

      • Widow Beach says:

        I know, but–do they not see the “obvious”, or are they just in denial?? I’m electing to not let this drive me crazy today–I have writing projects (or is writing my “pet”–oh dear, insight’s a terrible thing to have some days….).


        • ideflex says:

          I think it is selective, as in only certain things are heard or seen, and all else just passes in the normal “blur” of daily life – we can all be guilty of it but every once in a while it’s good to take a fit like a five year-old to bring everything back in focus and remind everyone that we’re still here… Your “pet” is pretty vocal (haha)…


          • Widow Beach says:

            It’s true I don’t have much restraint now–too many years of being stifled; once we break free, there’s no putting us back in the box.


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