Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned


some things are harder to find again
than others
dim trails, lost places
those faint glimmers
of ideas and dreams
faded laughter and plans
gone dry as the paper
they were scribbled on
promises dated
like scratchy mix tapes
abandoned by the not right now
in the hopes of later

Find something to remember in the entries of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

  1. Mirada says:

    Thanks for adding indigo ink to my blue mood–I should be able to write some fine melancholy poems today. True words, you wrote–sad, sad, sad.


      • Mirada says:

        Oh well, I didn’t get anything fine and wonderful written–but I did “something”, which I will post later on because sometimes my “garbage” gets tons of reader response (go figure). I may have been too tired, so will have another try tomorrow–oh, it IS tomorrow, 5:25 am in fact–which means I’d better hit the hay! Nighty-night, Love


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