12 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie 46

  1. I’m with you on the love/hate deal–I spend more time reproving myself than showering myself with love (which, incidentally, is why I’m more critical with others….). Maybe it’s time to buy some grocery store roses from Mr Invisible.


    • Oo – brilliant idea! I could have a day long discussion on being critical of others and how our expectations, although really not that inflated because we know people’s capacities, lead to life being just that little bit harder. Should we care? That’s the question I’ve been asking lately…


      • Well, the 2 of us could go on some newsworthy show and discuss this without a commercial break, I reckon. Yes, I DO NOT think my expectations are “inflated” and I DO feel most people are quite capable! But they’re lazy and live in the world of THEM. And truly, this perspective I clutch like it’s a money bag makes me very crazy and unhappy–so it would be most helpful if I could release it. But in 61 years, I’ve made almost zero progress. My neighbor’s fallback position is always that, as he’s a man, “we see things differently”. SO?? He’s known me for years, he’s well acquainted with how I see things–thus, couldn’t he expend the tiniest bit of energy to be sensitive to me when I need just a small amount of TLC? After all, he’s the major beneficiary of all my obsessive-compulsive Cooking!!!!!! And what I really really hate (you can push the Eject button any time here), is that I get lulled into thinking he’s become more sensitive and generous toward me–only to have him say something “just like a man” (or worse, yesterday he said something my mother would have said–which makes it twice as bad!!). Deep sigh….how did I get off on all this? Never mind.


        • Where’s RoseAnne RoseAnnadanna when we need her? I think we need a pet peeve Big 5 so we can vent some more…. At least you’re not alone in your views!!


          • Oh goodness, a “pet peeve Big 5”–we’d probably blow up the Internet world, all the PC’s and Macs flying apart…and when the dust finally settled people would say, “remember blogging? that time when folks wrote nice homey/interesting little pieces about their days, or gorgeous poetry with fabulous photos–wonder what happened to all that?” RIP, Roseanne Rosanna-Danna


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